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Frequently Asked Questions

The translators employed by the GTS Company are experienced translators who can carry out translations from different fields: legal, technical, medical, financial, commercial, economic, literary, etc.

Certified translation is the translation performed by a translator certified by the Ministry of Justice signed and stamped by her/him.

Traducerea legalizată este o traducere autorizată cu menţiunea legalizării semnăturii traducătorului de către un notar public. 

Apostille is a resolution, a note, an observation, applied to a petition or official document.
It is in fact a 9 cm (square) stamp identical in all the Member States of The Hague Convention that applies directly to the certified document or an extension of it . 

The direction of the translation is the chosen linguistic combination:
• simple translation - from a foreign language into Romanian 
• retroversion - from Romanian into any foreign language
• double translation - from a foreign language into another foreign language 

A page is calculated at a number of 1800 characters without spaces (it can be calculated using Wordcount option in Microsoft Word). Civil status documents, certificates, attestations, etc., is charged as 1 page.

The normal term for translating from/into a language (English, French, Italian, Spanish) with a normal or medium degree of difficulty and during a normal working hours is about 10 pages/ day/translator. The time required to carry out a work increases directly in proportion to its complexity, so that the volume of translation can be reduced by half.

To estimate the correct price for your translation, we recommend you to contact us and ask for an offer.

- cash payment at our offices
- payment by bank transfer 

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