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GTS company

GTS COMPANY provides miscellaneous services as translation, interpretation and other language-related services


 - Legal translations (laws, legal texts, regulations, summons, notifications, notarial powers of attorney, legislative texts, sentences and judgments, transfer agreements, enforceable titles, certificates, authorizations, powers of attorney, statements of any kind, etc.

- Economic Translations: bookkeeping documents, bank and credit documents, statements of account, insurances, audit reports, record auctions, financing and leasing records, certificates and income statements, registration certificates, articles of incorporation, amendments, tax criminal records, sale-purchase agreements, rental and partnership agreements, etc.. 

- Documents and official documents translations: documents and standardized documents for natural persons, in order to draw up the documentation required for emigration, employment contracts, family reunification, scholarships, etc. 

- Diplomas and graduation documents translations: bachelor's degree, baccalaureate degree, qualification certificates, transcripts, curricula, certificates and Vocational Education Certificate, syllabi, etc. 

- Technical translations: in transport, mechanics, construction, energy, oil, automotive, repair and maintenance manuals, technical instructions and instructions for use, etc. 

- IT translations: softwares, user manuals, website translations. 

- Medical translations: medical certificates, epidemiological notices, medical records, medicine leaflets, clinical studies, diagnoses, patient records, medical certificates, etc.

- Miscellaneous translations: projects, reports, official statements, private correspondence, miscellaneous texts, etc.


Our interpreters can assist you in signing documents before the notary public, registrar or other authorities, if one party cannot speak Romanian language. In addition, our interpreters can assist you in business meetings or other events. In order to benefit from these services please schedule in advance.


We offer correction services, merge and / or adaptation of translated documents from sources other than our translators’, materials which are carefully checked up by our team, in order to deliver to our customer a work in accordance with his requirements. During the collation process, special attention shall be paid to grammatical errors, accuracy of translation to the original text, speech gaps and text formatting.


Authenticating translations is an additional service, performed by us at your request, without the application of additional charges and thus enjoy the complete services of our bureau.


On request, GTS COMPANY LLC may provide the superlegalization or the apostille of your documents. The apostille is a type of certification issued by a competent authority certifying the signature and seal of a notary, so that the document bearing the signature and seal of the notary may be acknowledged in the countries that have ratified the Hague Convention on abolishing the requirement of superlegalisation for the foreign public Documents in 1961.


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DTP processing refers to complex documents that include images, texts or graphics, processed so that the final translation look just like the original material delivered to the GTS COMPANY.

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